I'm  Emmanuelle Poin Du Jour,

& this is how my fashion journey started:

Growing up, I was always fascinated by fashion and luxury living. I even dreamt of becoming either a fashion designer or a fashion merchandiser. At that time, Paris was the capital for fashion and where one needed to be in order to succeed in that industry. Unfortunately, instead of going to Paris, I moved to the United States, and due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to put my dream in the back burner, and practically forgot about it, until I visited Dubai, United Arabs Emirates years ago.

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Every entrepreneur's story starts somewhere. Mine started in the beautiful city of Dubai in the U.A.E.

I was bewildered by its impressive buildings and its breathtaking architecture & Inspired by such beautiful diversity within their culture, Emma's World Treasures was birthed.

I believe Dubai has a magical power,  the opulence of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, and the tantalizing aroma of their oud fragrances captivated me and will do the same to you.

Image by Omar Yehia

Why Dubai?

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Where Next???

This whole journey started because after I turned 40 years old, I no longer wanted to postpone my wanderlust.

There was this amazing world waiting to be discovered, and I wanted to see it with my son, and share my findings

with others.

So whether I am meditating in Bali, or enjoying the beautiful water of Bora Bora, or eating Jollof Rice while enjoying  the sound of the African drums, or returning to my first love Dubai, know that I am always looking for a treasure to

bring home with me.

Palm Tree Leaf

Every season comes with new treasures

Emma's Head Wrap

 Discover our collection of authentic African Head Wraps. 

Emma’s Jewelry Box

Find out why you should try Oud Perfume today!

Emma’s Oud Collections

Bring out the goddess in you though

 our accessories.

Emma's Seasonal & More

Are you looking for something but you don't know what it is?

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