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Emma’s Head Wraps

Some cultures view a women adorning a head wrap as a sign of strength, mystery and femininity. Unfortunately, with so many evolution, women started focusing more on perming their hair, putting hair extensions, or wearing a wig. I have to admit I have done all of them, but I have never felt more feminine and strong then when I wear a head wrap. It’s a sign of my heritage and remind me that I too am STRONG.

Others wear a head wrap for other reasons. Nowadays, with the natural hair movement, some of us need to give our hair a much neede break, but need to be able to run errands while looking stylish. 

Emma’s Head Wraps Collections has head wrap for all your needs and occasions. The fabrics are specially hand picked by me, because I want my customers to look fabulous whether they are doing groceries or attending a formal event. They are available in different colors and fabrics: African wax, African print Cotton, African George Cotton, etc.. The head wraps come in different sizes, so please make sure your order the desired size. And if we don’t advertise you desire, please send us a note requesting a custom made head wrap. 

Head wrap videos teaching different styles will be available soon. Until then, wear your head wrap with confidence because YOU ARE A QUEEN!!!